We visited Calvary Church in GR this morning.

It was a pleasantly surprising service . . . worshipful singing, Scripture reading {Ephesians 4-6 from memory}, and a solid, thought-provoking sermon . . . and people with Bibles . . . and because the sermon was on the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, the explanation that verses would not be shown on the overhead but rather everyone was asked to turn to them themselves. Nothing felt grandiose, or trying to make an impression or make people feel good, or "social gospel", or even a-church-of-four-thousand. In some ways, it was more traditional than my old home church.

We were encouraged. We both agreed Calvary was a new possibility for which church we eventually decide to call home.

On a side note, and this is completely unrelated to the service itself, but on one wall of the sanctuary were ten phrases. At first I thought they were "modernized" Ten Commandments. They're not exactly. Nonetheless they're a neat list of do's that I want to consider more regularly:
Talk truthfully.
Manage anger carefully.
Share generously.
Forgive compassionately.
Speak encouragingly.
Love sacrificially.
Avoid idolatry.
Be light constantly.
Walk spiritually.
Submit mutually.

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