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I've always wondered how it was humanly possible to "pray unceasingly".

It's difficult for me to remain conscious of the fact that I can pray all throughout the day, let alone remember to do so.

Yet, the more I think about prayer, about the always-open line of communication, that tin-can telephone, between me and God, the more I think about prayer being not as much an action as it is the natural response and result of an attitude.

When I have my focus on God, the more I consider his always presence and the fact that He enables me to bring glory to His name in all things, not just the "spiritual", it is then that I find myself praying.

Whispering prayers as I move wet clothes from washer to dryer and fold towels and make the bed and clean the bathroom and wash dishes and organize weekly meal plans and go grocery shopping and go for a run and vacuum carpets and cook dinner and hear the door open and close as my husband comes home from work and . . .



  1. Oh, I love this, the way your routine becomes a spiritual act of worship in prayer. Nice to meet you through FMF.

  2. Really enjoyed this post.