Someone and I were talking recently with another couple about movies and more specifically our decision to not watch them {albeit with certain, limited exceptions}. And lately, thinking on that conversation, I have been considering the one thing about movies that always intrigues and somewhat stupefies me:

I never wonder or worry about what is happening beyond what I see in each scene.

It does not even cross my mind to think about things taking place in another shot or angle. There is never the thought, "I wish I knew what those people are doing now that the camera's on this other person."

I am never discontent with or aware of anything at all except the "world" as selected by the directors.

I have found myself out of the blue being asked why it has to be different when it comes to my life.

There are camera shots that only God, as the writer and director of this epic life of mine, knows.

"In every situation, God is doing a thousand things that we cannot see and do not know."
      ~ John Piper

I am coming to a place where I am okay with that, but I have struggled in the past with and even now have to remind myself against getting caught up in what I cannot see or don't necessarily know at a given moment.

The older I get, the longer I see God's faithfulness over and over, the more I take Him at His word that He is God, the more I am content to live in the world that God has placed me, interacting with the people He brings into my life, and "laughing at the days to come" {Proverbs}.

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