It seems so long ago, that first morning he came to the college-age Sunday school class at church. I hardly noticed him, other than being new. At the same time, it feels like it was just yesterday, that first time he came up and started talking to me after church, and we went out to lunch for the first time, and he asked my dad's permission to start dating, and he took me flying on our first "official" date.

Little did I know.

Somewhere in between hundreds of miles of bike rides and walks and canoe trips, flying to Mackinac Island and hiking {twice}, playing Othello and Five Crowns, memorizing 1 John and Philippians, praying together, spending a weekend with his older sister in the U.P., playing the piano together at church and nursing homes, looking at Saturn and Mars and the moon through his telescope, going to Lake Michigan, taking a trip to the Creation Museum, ice skating, concerts, picnics, talking about everything, and seeing his heart for God, I realized I loved him.

And then he took me flying over Lake Michigan at sunset and asked me to marry him. It has already been seven months today . . . or was it yesterday?

All the moments spent with each other has been God bringing our lives closer and closer together, and I am so thankful for His plan far better than I could ever dream.

In three weeks {21 days from the 21st, interestingly}, I will stand beside him and read the vows we wrote together and become the wife to my best friend.

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