Spring is countdowns.

Next week is my last week of spring semester. This morning I finished another class, and now I'm checking off on my calendar all the "last"s for the remaining two. Summer semester starts in four weeks.

I graduate with my bachelor's in a little over three months.

I marry my best friend in four months.

Spring is anticipation.

New life . . . buds on tree branches and daffodils blooming and warm air and cool breezes and windows open wide and honking geese and cicadas and bullfrogs and baby-blue skies and harvest moons and rain showers.

Summer . . . the hum of lawnmowers and airplanes, the smell of mowed grass and sunscreen and charcoal grills, the distant rumble of thunder, the glare of bright sunlight.

Spring is the reminder of God's never-changing, ever-constant faithfulness and love in the midst of change . . . seasons, activities, jobs, location, even last name. :)
"Though our feelings come and go, God's love for us does not."
      ~ C.S. Lewis

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