Last week school zaps energy and leaves me worn thin and tired. By mid-week I feel worry.

Wednesday night I sit in youth group. I see the illustration, simple for junior highers and profound for a college student stressed about homework assignments, grades she'll have forgotten in six months after finally finishing school and growing up and getting married, and scared to death. It is a tin can dangling by a string from the ceiling. It is communication, beside me no matter where I am or when. It reaches to God's throne, and He's listening, waiting to hear me.

I listen to the lesson, and I hear God.

He says, "do not worry about anything, but in everything, pray."

I love God's patient grace. He never gives up working, changing, re-syncing. I need that reminder, again, to pray not worry. (And it's neat that the Spirit speaks through words I've been soaking in lately as I'm memorizing Philippians.)

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