The question on the whiteboard,

What do you want to persuade someone younger than you to do differently than you did? 

sinks in slowly.

I immediately envision my sixth-grade small group girls. 

And pen ink on paper starts drawing thoughts from down deep.

Those girls, how young and unfocused and selfish, even if it is innocent selfishness. 

I want them to start grasping what I didn't until my college years and what I still have such a finite comprehension of.

I want them to somehow "get" how great God is and how significant following Him (being intentional and not wasting precious years) is. 

I want them to recognize God. 

I want to convince them (all young people . . . my brothers and sisters . . .) that God is the most important. 

But I can't change their hearts and minds. 

That is God.

Someone who can reflect Christ and pray to be used by Him to have an influence for His kingdom and His glory?

That is me.

Be a Christ follower whose life is worth following.

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