I have a bulletin board on the back of my bedroom door that is polka-dotted with various quotes, pictures, notecards, and other fun clutter. There is nothing of too great importance in the grand scheme of things, but nevertheless what makes it on the board (or what is anonymously added by sneaky individuals, i.e., my sister) are some of those little random things in life that make days a little brighter.

Yesterday I noticed a new note:
Kelly [kel-ee] n. a female, usually blonde, around five feet tall, most likely prone to great intelligence, strange, yet enjoyable uniqueness of personality, boisterous and unpredictable exclamations, and occasional moments of silliness.
This made me laugh.

It also made me stop and realize how blessed I am to be part of my family.

I know what could easily have been included in that definition. My family has seen sides of me that many people never will. They know what I struggle with and what I give in to time and again. Yet, they love . . . unconditionally.

This random thing tacked to my bulletin board made me see God, my Heavenly Father who knows my frame, yet loves unconditionally. I am defined by my position in Christ, justified by His blood and seen as perfect because of His righteousness.

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  1. Fave. And so glad to call you part of my family too! <3