Last week at youth group we discussed sanctification. As followers of Christ, we are in a lifelong, daily process of becoming more like Him and reflecting Him. I know this; it's just one of those Sunday school facts. But what made me stop and think was that the main idea of the lesson was not only to "reflect what matters", but also to "store up treasure where it matters".
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
      ~ Matthew 6:21
I had never heard these two topics mentioned in the same breath before, and as I started to consider the connection, the Holy Spirit really put an intriguing spin on my thoughts and conclusions. I was mulling over being a reflection of Christ and preoccupation with material possessions, as well as a quote I had "found", coincidentally, the day before while reading through my Passion 2011 posts (trying to find a different quote):
Live in such a way that those who know you but do not know God will come to know God because they know you.
Believers are "set apart" to be different. In other words, we shouldn't blend in. This verse came to mind:
And do not be conformed to this world . . .
      ~ Romans 12:2
It struck me that my whole life (not just what I say and how I act, but my lifestyle, too) is visible to others, and it was a very tangible realization that if I have a lot of earthly treasures, possessions, "toys", however you'd like to say it, they're things that people have to look through (/around) in order to see me in the first place. If people see us spending hours at home every night watching TV or pouring money into possessions and conveniences and comforts, they will have to look hard to see beyond a worldly lifestyle to the treasure we claim is not of this world. I am not trying to make a legalistic case toward any end (and I am definitely not asserting that working hard and making money is a bad thing, or that enjoying things in life is wrong); yet, I do think we ought to be aware of how we're living.

We need to choose daily to set ourselves apart from a watching world so that they clearly, easily see Who we're reflecting. People shouldn't have to squint to see Christ in us, or through us.

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