Two days ago we had a burst pipe out near the well behind our barn, and we didn't have running water until yesterday afternoon. That problem affected our geothermal furnace, and we didn't have heat until yesterday afternoon, either.

I realized how much I take those little things, like hot showers and not waking up every five minutes at night shivering, for granted.

And then I thought about all the smallest details in my own life, and how much I take for granted that God cares about them just as much as the things I think are really, really big.

He cares about a new car. He cares about a final exam. He cares about a conversation that means a lot more than was realized. He cares about a class schedule. He cares about a job. He cares about a much-needed night out. He cares about a distanced friendship. He cares about a walk in the fresh, fall air and clearing minds. He cares about a day off perfectly timed, allowing homework to be caught up. He cares about a few hours spent laughing and singing while baking pies with younger sister.

God cares so, so much, and I'm thankful I'm starting to truly recognize that and recognize His working in even the little things. He is always faithful and always good.

(Happy Thanksgiving!)

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