Handwritten Bible.

That's the name of my most recently-begun "project". I have a new soft-cover journal and a black ballpoint pen; and an NIV translation to copy, starting with the New Testament; and no idea how many journals and pens and years it will take to handwrite the Bible.

I'm only a few chapters in, but this unique, never-before-attempted approach to studying and learning the Word is opening my eyes . . . and revealing new things, things I just glanced over before or simply forgot, and things that have different or more significant meaning now than they did before.

As I was reading, and writing, the first few chapters in Matthew (1:18-24; 2:13-14), I was struck by Joseph. He's not a very prominent figure (save being Jesus' earthly father), yet the few times he's mentioned, he's always obeying. Twice he is instructed by "an angel of the Lord" in a dream to do something, which in both instances would not have been easy or "popular" (first to marry a mysteriously pregnant girl, and then a few years later to uproot your young family to another country). Twice he acts in obedience.

But one little detail that stood out to me in Matthew 2 was specifically how Joseph immediately obeyed:

He goes to bed one night, has a dream and receives a command.

He wakes up in the middle of the night and heads out the door.

God tells him to escape from something he didn't even realize was going to happen, and he doesn't ask questions, he doesn't hesitate, and he doesn't even get a full eight hours of sleep.

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