Funny how God uses little things.

Like words, for instance.

Like the word "like", more specifically.

I was joking around with someone last night about how often we each say "like" when we're speaking. It's ridiculous when you actually listen to yourself talk, catch how many times "like" slips into every breath, and then consciously try to speak without using the darn word.

This morning God convicted me yet again of how often I'm critical, primarily of individuals. Even when getting together to study the Bible, to memorize this is His command . . . to love one another and whoever loves God must also love his brother, criticism and judgment and harsh words so easily, so guiltlessly creep into conversations. And this is not just a word lazily filling lapses in speech, but many words echoing a deeper, heart-issue lapse in obedience to Christ.

What if I listened to myself talk, caught how many times those critical words and thoughts slipped into every breath, and then consciously tried to speak life-giving words?

Admittedly, following His command to love involves more than just shutting up, but often giving voice to criticism adds to heartfelt judgment, whereas holding our tongue can begin to have the opposite effect.

Yes, I have failed again and again to be obedient to God's command to love others, by not criticizing them.

But I'm aiming for perfection, and that was never labeled "easy".

And God has His ways of convicting us and not letting us stray too far into sin, if we're submitting to Him. So here it is again, this new re-(re-...)commitment to intentionally choosing, first, to not be critical and, second, to find ways to love (1 John 3:18).

God, let your love be evident in and through me.

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  1. Such a powerful reminder with perfect timing for me, Kel! Thank you. This reminds me of James 1:26 and Psalm 19:14. Awesome verses. :)