A happy life is easy, and an easy life is happy.

But if what makes life happy and what makes it easy came crashing down, would a foundation solid enough on which to stand remain?

A girl's parents (and so many other couples) are getting a divorce. A guy, just 19, died in a car crash this weekend. A man was diagnosed with cancer and given only three months to live.

As sad and even kind of sick as it makes me feel thinking about people (most who I don't even know) whose lives as they know them are being shaken to the core and whose loved ones are suddenly no longer here, it terrifies me thinking about what if that happens to me? And in reality, the question is not if, but when.

What if it was my parents? What if it had been my nineteen-year-old sister? What if he was someone, someone I know?

God, how do you deal with something like that?

Christ. He is the only-hope anchor. He is the strength, the power, when all else disintegrates like sand. He is the well-deep joy. He is when nothing else remains.
If life falls out from under me,
Lord, don't let me fall,
Fall away from You.
And Lord, don't let me run,
Run away from You.
'Cause there's nowhere I could fall
If not straight into Your arms.
And nowhere I could run to
If not straight back to Your heart.
So when life falls out from underneath,
Lord, I will stand,
Stand strong in You.
And Lord, I will stay,
Stay close to You.
'Cause there's nowhere I would stand
But on Your firm foundation.
And nowhere I would stay
But in Your mighty hand.

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