I have the opportunity to go on a missions trip with a college-age team from my church . . .


Two weeks.

Over Christmas break.

Work and serve with our missionaries.

Perfect, right, considering how long I have wanted to be part of an international trip?

Yet, now with application in hand, virtually a few sheets of paper between possibility and reality, I'm surprised by my response. It's not the familiar missions-trip-or-bust mentality, as with previous experience. It isn't "no" by any means, but it isn't a resounding "yes", either, and I'm not entirely sure what to think about that. I almost feel guilty that I'm not completely gung-ho about this opportunity. I have no reason not to go, but is that reason enough to go? Applications (i.e., commitment) must be received in two weeks, and that timeframe is somewhat daunting, especially considering the trip itself is more than five months away, . . . and a lot can happen in five months. I'm definitely going to take full advantage of the time I have to be thinking and praying a lot. :)

The awesome thing is, though, that if this trip does happen, God knows right now the people who will be going, no matter how uncertain any of us are at this point, and He'll make it clear to us.

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