"So I wonder . . . what would I write if I was to actually start writing what I sat down to write? :) I think I'll go for a run first. Get my mind energized, my brain moving, sweat dripping down my temples, salt on my tongue, feet pounding steadily . . . 9-minute miles, the sounds of Nouveaux (my current favorite) in my ears, drowning out the monotony of the treadmill and the sounds of breathing . . . tiring . . . calories burning . . . muscles burning . . . blisters aching . . . red numbers slowly increasing, minutes and miles up, up, up. Running fast and far, getting nowhere . . .  Ahhh. Yes. I will first go for a run. And then, I'm going to write about . . . "
      ~ March 21 PM journal excerpt 
Yes, I ran last night.

A 15K, actually. (All 9-min. miles, too, no less.)

Running career PR? I think so.

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