Summer classes begin . . . today.

I am sort of bummed: busyness starts now, both with school and extra hours at work. I have really enjoyed my "summer break", even though it hasn't been as productive as possible. :) I have been doing some reading and am almost finished with "Radical" by David Platt, which is an excellent thought provoker. This book has become very well-known, and for good reason: it is interesting and convicting in its challenge toward Christians in the United States to redefine what it really means (Biblically) to be a follower of Christ and to live more than a "Christian spin on the American dream". I am still debating whether or not I will write a more thorough review. Also, I discontinued my Facebook usage two weeks ago today, which has been a positive experience. I have been spending more time with my family and friends; enjoying the warmer weather in general and running, swimming, and (some) biking more specifically; writing; and playing the piano. (And, of course, working.) Regarding this tech fast, too, I am still debating . . . as far as if and when to sign in again.

It really is interesting considering how various uses of our time (or refraining from some previously normal use of our time) changes our day-to-day lives. Rearranging leads to re-prioritizing, whether or not that was the intention. And I am still in the process of both, I think. In general, I know I need to keep God at the center and keep studying His Word more intentionally, and also put others first and spend time with people, instead of getting preoccupied with school, which I admit is a struggle for me. I am giving myself a goal to study and finish assignments during the first two-thirds of the week so that I have time to "have fun", as my Mom says. More specifically, I know, too, that I need to improve in an area I have never held myself accountable: memorizing Scripture. I have memorized verses here and there, yes, but definitely not consistently. So someone's suggestion to memorize parts of the Bible together was really significant, and needless to say I jumped at the challenge (mentally, of course, but also in terms of the accountability). Now I simply need to take time to hide the Word in my heart. (If you have memorization tips, I would love to hear.)

So yes, rearranging begins continues.

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