As you know, I have been memorizing the Word. It has definitely been a good thing (obviously), and it's been neat as the verses have started randomly going through my mind throughout the day. Yet, I'm realizing that memorization really is a "challenge": I sometimes go days without studying at all, regardless of reciting in my mind or aloud the verses I do know, and it seems I have to continually recommit! But yes, thus far I have successfully memorized 1 John 1.


Anyway. It has also been neat to have our pastor reference a verse from 1 John in his messages lately:
"We write this to make our joy complete."
      ~ 1 John 1:4 
I am hoping to write a blog about the last few sermons, but suffice it to say that one of the main points has been that our joy in Christ is transcendant of our circumstances. No matter what we're going through, believers should be happy! :)

And I have been contemplating all the aspects of being His follower that are not (or should not be) dependent on circumstances: joy, peace, faith, trust. But I think the most significant is His love for us . . . incredible, complete, perfect, endless. Love not measured by our circumstances, but by a cross.

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