I don't like change.

I don't like monotony, either.

I prefer variation within consistency, which, I suppose, is likely not uncommon.

Admittedly, life can be a bit tedious sometimes.

Eat, work, study, run, sleep, etc.


The longer I live, the more I appreciate the variation.

At the end of last semester, I wrote:
I love the excitement of having so much to do, but working extra hard at it, because there isn't much longer until you'll get a legit break. I love the feeling of accomplishment as you finish one thing after another.
It is a familiar feeling: this is the last week of spring semester, and I have been operating in end-of-the-semester mode for the last few weeks. I only have one final left standing between me and the end of my third year of college. That is a crazy, "time flies" thought. :)

But for as familiar as yet another semester's end feels, the last couple weeks have also been a little crazy and not exactly typical. Suffice it to say, time management has been a requirement, as has concentration, although I'm still not sure how successfully the latter has been achieved.

In actuality, life in general is a little crazy . . . and actually more because of change than merely variation.

But it's good change, and I'm learning to appreciate that, too.

Even more, I'm learning to appreciate that no matter how crazy things may seem, no matter how different they may feel, no amount of variation or change can ever affect the fact that God is in control, and I am here for Him (i.e., my purpose is to bring Him glory). And that, simply, is really all there is to it.

I'm also learning how freeing it is to actually let God be in control, not only because He is, plain and simple, but also because the more completely I let go of trying to control my life, the more secure I am.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Kelly! You know, if life only varied, and never changed, we really wouldn't go anywhere at all. And I really like your last statement, "...the more completely I let go of trying [to] control my life, the more secure I am." How true that is! And how beautiful to know that God, all knowing, all powerful, all loving God, is in control!