As the saying goes, boys will be boys. But too often boys are . . . boys.

I think many people, at least those who would ever read this blog, understand what (who?) I'm talking about.

And even though I wish there wasn't such a lack of good men, it makes it all the more black-and-white clear when there is a man among boys.

A guy who works hard, takes life seriously and has plans for it, and sets and achieves goals no matter how long or difficult the process. A guy who loves Christ and knows and studies the Bible . . . even if he doesn't like to read. A guy whose maturity and good character are obvious; a guy who is thoughtful, kind, and honoring; a guy who puts others' interests before his own. A guy who opens the door for a girl. A guy I respect.

Maybe one day I'll introduce you to him. For now, he's anonymous . . . someone.

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