There is no picture for this, but that is good in a way, since pictures are worth a thousand words, and there are quite enough of those in this (very poorly written) Letter to the Editor recently published in our local newspaper. Here it is, as published:
Dear Editor:
I usually have a good sense of humor about political cartoons, including the ones aimed at either party or a particular issue.
I thought the Feb. 23 cartoon with a gun to a person's head was in very poor taste. I am not anti-gun as I own three guns and have a CPL. I am, however, anti-depicting some one about to get their brains blown out. Especially after Arizona.
I also think depicting public employee's made out to be crooks is also in poor taste. These are schoolteachers, police and firemen, nurses, our neighbors and our fellow Americans ... they are neither crooks nor are they the enemy.
I find it interesting that we often hear that we have to pay outrageous bonuses and salaries to attract the best in private sector businesses to justify the sickening greed but, those that educate our children, keep us safe, run our necessary public services should be paid low wages ... to attract the worst?
We have all seen unions and middle American workers giving up wages, paying more for benefits and relaxing of workplace rules to adjust to the economy and budget challenges of which they did not create! I have however, seen the top five in the new State administration that already make upward of $170,000 get raises and last year the Wall Street gang received record bonuses after us taxpayers provided corporate welfare. What I haven't seen is the shared sacrifice.
~ Mike Huckleberry, Greenville
This letter was written by a *recently former State Representative. Maybe if he was still in office, he would have had access to an editor . . . or maybe his speechwriter.

Maybe he was attempting to evoke sympathy for the underpaid schoolteachers who apparently didn't have much luck with some students . . . and I'm not mentioning names.

*Political disclaimer: my inclusion of this letter for TWAC and commentary are unrelated to its content.

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