I went to the movie theater yesterday and watched The Adjustment Bureau, a movie which examines the issues of chance, fate, free will, and a higher power controlling humankind. The main character, David, early on becomes aware of the powers on high, namely the Adjustment Bureau, a group of never clearly defined men who are responsible for keeping humans on their respective "plans" in life (as determined by the Chairman, who is impliedly an unspecific god figure) by making "adjustments" when necessary. David meets a woman, falls in love, and then is informed by the Bureau that he cannot stay with her because she is not part of his plan. Throughout the movie, David wrestles with the understanding that his life is not his own and, even more so, that he does not, in fact, have the free will to choose whom to love. The Adjustment Bureau could have been good, apart from its unconvincing characters and a plot with more holes than Swiss cheese. But I digress.

While watching The Adjustment Bureau, I found myself mentally thanking God for being in control and having a perfect, good plan for my life. I admit I can be somewhat of a control freak . . . sometimes. :) I like schedules and to-do lists and crossing things off. I like to plan. I like knowing what's going on, what's coming up. I like when life happens how I want or expect it to happen. Yet, the older I get the more I realize I don't have control of my life. And the older I get the more I realize that's a good thing, because I have no idea what I'm doing: I am restricted by time, limited knowledge, and a very limited view of the big picture. Unlike the characters in The Adjustment Bureau (who were always wondering who had an iron grip on their lives and whether that grip was actually beneficial), however, I can know personally and fully trust the One who is in control.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
~ Jeremiah 29:11
The older I get the more I realize how significant it is to know that our lives are in God's hands . . . knowing, too, that in His grip is the ultimate place to be.

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