It has already been over a week since the "Blizzard of 2011" hit quite a bit of the U.S., including West Michigan, on Wednesday, February 2.

We survived.

The forecast predicted over a foot of snow, and we actually saw the prediction proved correct. Where we live, we also had quite a lot of drifting, due to the high wind velocities. The snowplows came down our road . . . on Thursday. GHS and MCC (shocker!) announced on Tuesday that they would be closed Wednesday. And work was closed, as well.

We stayed home.

I did not do any homework all day, and instead drank hot cocoa, read my current book (Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis), baked cookies, played the piano, played Euchre with the family, went sledding out back with some of the siblings, and watched The Waltons. It was a good day.

Blizzards aren't that bad, right?

As long as there isn't a power outage.

As long as we can come inside to heat and coziness.

As long as there isn't an emergency, and we are snowed in . . . miles of unplowed, drifted roads between our house and the hospital.

As long as we have food stocked on the pantry shelves.

. . . Yes, we survived.

And yes, we are thankful.

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