God has been opening doors I never even knew existed.

Entering Christmas break, I was completely up in the air about what to do this spring. I had decided to not return to the Arbor, but was not quite sure about whether Grand Valley was what I wanted to do. I was considering taking a semester "off", living at home, and working. And God has provided in this . . . several jobs have lined up, one of which, albeit part-time, is hopefully going to work out, and another that I have to make a decision about. In the midst of my uncertainty, God is faithful, and that fact has been a huge encouragement. After Passion, I was feeling very convicted about completely trusting God with my future and not worrying about it. I so easily get bogged down in the details. But God has a bigger plan and wants to use my life for His glory in ways I cannot imagine right now.

I had heard about a new degree that Ferris was now offering in conjunction with MCC . . . a Bachelor's of Integrative Studies (BIS), which allows students to configure a personalized, interdisciplinary degree. On top of an MCC associate's degree, the BIS in Integrated Leadership incorporates many MCC classes, as well as online Ferris classes in a 40 credit hour core of various business management, leadership, and communication classes, and 20 credits of additional concentration/minor classes fulfill the Bachelor's. There is a lot of flexibility in this degree, but another advantage is that many classes are taken at MCC, and if a group of students are interested, additional Ferris classes may be taught at MCC possibly even as early as this fall. I am in the process of figuring out how this degree might work with my academic interests and future career options. I am so thankful that this degree possibility popped up. God is always faithful . . . in all areas of my life. I am excited to see where this new door will lead.
"When our plans fall through, they're just falling out of the way for God's."

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