Today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Babies were dedicated during our church service this morning . . . each one a precious life cherished and loved by so many, not just parents.
"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me."
~ Matthew 18:5
I sadly admit that I do not often think about all the lives that are not welcomed in this way. Yet, until I am a parent, I doubt I will be able to truly understand the tragedy of abortions that occur day after day around the world.

But what if I did think about it?

. . . What if I remembered more often the fact that my parents, and so many others, chose to give life to their children, chose to place value on human life and welcome all of us into this world with love?

. . . What if I remembered more often the fact that so many couples were devastated when they lost a child before they had the chance to welcome her into this world, or welcomed a stillborn child or a child who they only had the chance to love for a short time?

. . . What if I remembered that every life is precious, every life is created in God's image?

As our Pastor says, to be "pro-life" is much more than being anti-abortion.

So many lives not welcomed with love, but ended before they've hardly begun.

So many precious lives hardly surviving day to day, or facing horrible abuses.

What if we thought about it?

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