I just read (on Facebook) a blog update about the mother of C, one of the nicest gals I've met at SAU. C's Mom has been battling a very bad (and worsening) relapse of Leukemia for the majority of the semester. She passed away this morning; she was the exact same age as my Mom. I read that and just felt numb. I feel like curling up in a ball and crying. Yes, she is no longer in terrible pain, and she is with Jesus! But I have a small feeling that that knowledge can't compete with the grief. I really can't imagine . . . what do I know? I haven't lost someone close to me, let alone my Mom. I just can't imagine . . . but at the same time, I feel an echo of the pain, a sliver of the ache, and it hurts.

To C, your Dad, and your two younger siblings, may God give you comfort. So many prayers are with you, still. You are lights shining through darkness.

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