I was at the end of my rope.

I was frustrated with my class "schedule" and lack of answers, and I was failing miserably at not getting stressed out about it.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. After (and continuing with) lots of prayer for trust and for things to work out better than they were.

On Monday, I filled out a form requesting exception in registration to the limit-one-online-class-per-semester policy, hoping that I would be able to add the online Creative Writing class that fulfilled a degree requirement and did not begin until the last week in October. I typed a letter explaining my situation and past experience with online classes (and "credentials," as my Grandma said) to the registration office. I was praying the whole time I was writing and after I handed everything in. . . "God, please let this work. Please let me be able to add this class. Please help the registrar be in a good mood."

I was praying so hard that everything would go through - that I would be able to add the second online class and drop the "independent study" (that was, well, a fluff class, since it didn't count towards any degree requirements). But I also was trying to not get my hopes up, either. Not that I don't believe that prayer is powerful, in that the One I pray to is infinitely powerful; but I was half afraid that things would not work out how I thought was an ideal solution. Sometimes what I want, even if it isn't necessarily selfish (I want a 2010 Toyota), might not be what God wants for me or what I really need. I know that, and so I was praying with a little tentativeness, I suppose, like "God, can You work this out like this?" while thinking, "If not, then what?" I had no idea what I would do if the exception was not granted.

I checked my email about an hour and a half later:
Kelly, your request to add a second online course was granted.
I almost screamed.

God replied to my prayer, too, in that email. He didn't write in so many words, and His answer might not be what you'd call eloquent. But it was so simple, it was wonderful:

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