I'm the type of heartless person who doesn't ever cry . . . not watching movies, not reading books, and definitely not in public (okay, maybe once or twice).

But there are times when I come to the end of the day, with the weight of so many thoughts and words and doubts and fears pressing down on my heart, and get that sinking, lump-in-your-throat feeling of bottled up emotion ripping at your insides . . . not wanting to be weak and helpless, but knowing the only possible thing to do is cry.

In the darkness, with my face buried in my pillow, I sob.

Emotion, so long welling up inside me, spills itself, abandoned.

You number my wanderings;
Put my tears into Your bottle;
Are they not in Your book?
~ Psalm 56:8
God sees my tears. He keeps them.

I am not alone.

"Fear not," He says. "I'll calm your mind and soothe your heart. And dry your tears."

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