I moved to Spring Arbor on the sixth of September.

Has it only been four days?

Orientation was l-o-n-g. They had us busy from dawn 'til dusk, too busy to be homesick.

I had my first day of classes today. They went well. It will be a challenging semester.

I've met my roommate (she's a dear!) and so many other people whose names I can't remember.

I got my mailbox and my own mail key. You should send me mail.

I went to Deeper (worship service) Wednesday night. Four students got saved. Wow God!

I hung out at Arbor Nights last night and heard someone beatbox on a recorder.

I cheered on our womens volleyball team last night and our mens soccer team this afternoon.

I went for a nice, long run this evening, which felt great. It had been too long.

I am going to chapel tomorrow morning (after sleeping in!), and then working on homework probably all day.

I'm having dinner with a friend, and then there's "Movie on the Laaawwwn" (Toy Story 3!).

I am tired.

I feel tired thinking about tomorrow and the weekend.

Sleep. I need some.

But first, some pictures:

When I first arrived . . .

The current set-up: lofts!

Another angle, showing dresser, bookcase, and fridge . . .

My desk . . .

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