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Yes, you heard correctly: I have decided to change my major (again) from Visual Communication to Professional Writing. I sincerely hope this time is the last time. But I guess you never know; I was reading my post about my major change this summer (from English-Writing to Vis. Com.), and I was pretty gung-ho about that decision, too:
. . . I feel more than ever God's peace about my decision to change my major to Visual Communication.
I guess where it took registering for classes to bring about that decision, it took a few days in the classes themselves to bring about this most recent one. I feel more comfortable and confident thinking about pursuing the Professional Writing degree than I did the last few weeks thinking about Vis. Com., and I am praying that this path will be enjoyable and interesting. I don't want to go through this rigamarole another time!

So I guess you're wondering what Professional Writing is all about. The online description states:
Our professional writing program explores all the ways nonfiction writers make a living -writing, editing, reporting for newspaper, magazines and the Web. It's not a creative writing program, although we are creative enough. And it's not a journalism program, with an emphasis on a career in newspapers where there are fewer and fewer jobs.

Professional writing is a what-do-you-want-to-write-or-edit program to prepare you for existing and unimagined careers in writing for publication. With strong writing skills and a little design, photography, and web management, you can find your way as a writer in a rapidly changing world.
Interesting, right?

I'm hoping so. :)

And thank you for your prayers during the last few days, whether or not you knew there were so many things going through my mind and decisions to make. God hears, and He answers. Once again, I feel peace about this decision, and I am expectant that God will continue leading and guiding my life somehow, somewhere. Spring Arbor is just a stepping stone.

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