Ready (?)

My roommate writes, "Eight days till I get to meet you!"

Eight days till I move to Spring Arbor.

Things have never, ever "sunk in" quickly (at all) with me. You might say I live in an almost constant state of surrealism.

Eight days.

I am leaving home - i.e., doing something I've never done before - in a week, starting my third year of college, surrounded by people I don't know; I won't be called (my "favorite" nickname) "Miss" by my Dad all the time; I won't hear my Mom's hilariously melodramatic phone conversations; Micah won't randomly walk into my room and start doing homework or one of her mini projects; I won't have Ben around to fix things; I won't hear Jacob's trumpet blaring while he practices; I won't drive up the driveway and see Matt golfing in the front yard, put down his club and wave; I won't be able to play games with Hannah, always the eager opponent :). I'm going to miss so much about "home". And at the same time, I know there will be so much that I come to enjoy and love at Spring Arbor, people I get to know and spend time with, classes that challenge me, opportunities to deepen my relationship with and understanding of God.

I say, "Yup, eight days. Exciting. Scary."


Shouldn't there be something more going through my mind?


Yeah, I know.

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