As I have mentioned (subtly or otherwise) in previous posts, I was a bit impatient about finding out where I would be staying at Spring Arbor this fall. I had applied for Villages, suite-style dorms typically for upperclassmen, but understood that I might not end up with my first choice of housing. It definitely was yet another detail that I knew had to be entrusted to God, but minor details are the hardest to let go of sometimes, and the specific minor, minor detail (i.e., the bathroom location) was not insignificant. Yes, I was able to say I was trusting God with whatever dorm I ended up staying in, but at the same time, I wasn't looking forward to the possible lug-all-my-stuff-to-the-bathroom-down-the-hall scenario. It was admittedly an impatient trust, if that's not a complete oxymoron, to which you may be able to relate :).

Suffice it to say, I was very thankful to find out that I have a Village dorm this year!

(I think I am going to appreciate having an adjoining bathroom.)

Minor details aside, I am now doing my best to trust God with all my questions about this fall . . . adapting to life away from home, getting to know my roommate, figuring out campus and new classes, getting involved, etc. Sometimes I get random mental panic attacks and feel like copping out of everything, pretending I can live at home for about five more years or so, but I know going to school is just another step in life, just another challenge, just another emotional and social experience in the natural process of becoming an independent adult.

Is it scary?

Oh, boy, yes.

But I remind myself that nobody has ever died from this, and I won't be the first. Plus, I have a secret weapon: God, who's always with me and who will always guide and protect me. I take comfort in Him. Even when my family's no longer around, when I don't have my home to come home from classes to every day, my Savior and Friend will comfort me; He will "never leave nor forsake" me.

I will hide in the shadow of His wings (Ps. 17:8).

Now that's a place to stay.

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