This post will be about simple things (ie., no subtle shift into philosophical thoughts or analysis). Seriously.

I could be organized and create a numbered list, but the fact is all the mundane, simple things I've really been thinking about/doing lately relate to buying and selling. Not stocks. But not exactly things that are conducive to individuality, either.

Anyway. The thought is simple things (preferably not including big words, you say?) . . . I hope pictures aren't too complex.

One of the more exciting things is: I'm buying myself a camera. I suppose you could call it a late birthday gift :). I'm still not completely decided, but have narrowed it down between a few Nikon and Canon models. I'm hoping to go to Grand Rapids this weekend and shop at the store where my Mother bought her camera. So, maybe my next post will include some personal photography!

I am also in the process of buying textbooks for fall semester, which, honestly, is creeping up a lot faster than I'd planned! Even if it means studying and writing and thinking is that much closer, it is fun, as always, to get packages in the mail - so far I have gotten my textbooks for my Intro to Graphic Design, Color, and Rhetoric classes. Today I also sold most of my remaining used textbooks to various online buyback stores and sent those boxes along their merry way. For my few outdated, unsellable books, well, I could keep them, I suppose, but they would be much more valuable as bonfire ammo or some such usage.

I am also organizing my what-to-pack-for-college list, enhancing SAU's recommendations with the expert advice of some of my dorm-savvy girlfriends. I hopefully will have a chance within the next week to go shopping for most of the things I don't have - sheets, a mattress pad, a mini fridge, a fan, a power strip, etc. I will pretty much be set for moving in once I buy all this "crap", as my brothers would call it. I'm starting to get so excited about dorm life! And just a week or so until I find out where I'm living (I'm crossing my fingers that I will be in the suite-style Villages) and with whom.
The last item on my shopping list is a long overdue pair of running shoes. My current runners are a year old and have hundreds of miles on them already. Have I ever mentioned my love of running? Yes, since last spring, I have taken up the energizing (okay, boring, I'll admit it . . . that's why I have an mp3 player!) sport, and I do love it. I often run with my Mom, but usually when I go out by myself I get a mental challenge to run faster or farther (this clause being a transition to the following sentence, understand). Last night I ran a hard core PR: my four-mile loop in 8.8-minute miles. I was exhausted. I was very proud of myself. :)

So those are some of the current simple things in my life lately.

And this is why I don't think posts about simple things are very fun: they are so thoughtless.

What do you think?

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