Is it possible for an individual to be submissive to another person, yet not be seen as agreeing with that person's views and morals, or approving his actions?
The whole idea of submission is yielding to another's authority. And I realize this is a Biblical concept. Still, at least in modern times, submitting to someone seems to imply that you agree with him - with his views, morals, character, actions, etc. - or at least do not oppose (but, rather, tolerate) what he believes or does . . . and, if nothing else, are associated with him. But what of the leader whose beliefs you disagree with, whose actions you disapprove of? Submission does not exactly seem conducive to opposition.

I suppose, then, that I am basically struggling with what seems to be a double standard of believing one thing and submitting (with all it implies) to someone who believes something else.

As Christians, is it right that we submit to the leadership of, for example, a Senator who is an atheist who believes in abortion and gay rights, and, thereby, become associated with those who approve and agree with him? Is this not, at least to some extent, compromising our beliefs and morals as believers?

And, thus, a rather jumbled question of submission. As always, your thoughts are welcome.

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