I have to admit, I have been noticing labeling lately that doesn't necessarily fit with TWAC: it is comical, at least to myself, but not in the sense of "dumb labeling". If I decide to alter my acronym, consider yourself warned.

Case in point. Washing my hands the other day, I actually glanced at the tiny print on the back of the anti-bacterial scrubbing hand soap container. I chuckled at the first "paragraph":
Uplifting ~ The sweet scent of coconut mingles with refreshing lime to help relieve stress and tension - like a tropical island getaway.
(And immediately following were listed "beneficial ingredients," which, I suppose, are those that help to create the tropical island experience.)

In all seriousness, I found myself wondering who in the world thought a potential buyer would really be so ridiculous as to fall for the assertion that hand soap - foaming or not - would relieve stress, not to mention on the same level as a vacation to the Bahamas. Really now, what do they think we think when we turn into the hand soap aisle? ("I'm feeling stressed this week . . .where's some uplifting hand soap?")

Possibly this labeling reflects more so on TWAC than I previously thought. . .

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