I have been flipping through my notebook of quotes and quick thoughts from '08-'09.

It is interesting to sense the time-is-flying-by connotations in so many entries. ("Nothing's new under the sun," as my Dad reminds us.)

Consider what I wrote just one year ago:
Tomorrow is my nineteenth birthday. Can it be happening?! Life is rushing faster and faster by... sometimes as if leaving me behind.

Can it be? My first year of college... Micah graduating next spring... Ben taking Driver's Ed.... Jacob now a freshman... Matthew and Hannah in Jr. High... Dad and Mom married 23 years... Home in Greenville 16 years...

Can it be? No longer a teenager next year... Graduating with an Assoc.... On to a 4-yr. college... Pursuing a Bachelor's... Moving out... Buying a car...
And now I write, one year later:
My twentieth birthday, already behind me. Can it be happening? Life is rushing faster and faster by... yet, I am learning that time slows when I savor todays.

Can I pause to adequately enjoy and appreciate ...the accomplishment of two years of college, ...Micah's high school graduation and starting at MCC this fall, ...Ben serving the Lord at LLBYC this summer, ...Jacob learning to drive, ...Matthew and Hannah excelling in home-school, ...Dad and Mom married 24 years, ...Calling Greenville home for 17 years, ...the blessing and encouragement at Calvary for the past two-and-a-half years.

Can I live joyfully in the present, while anticipating the future? My twenty-first birthday next year... Transferring to Spring Arbor University this fall... Pursuing a BA in Visual Communication... Ministries and opportunities on and off campus... Meeting new people... Deepening friendships with old friends, despite distances... Growing in my relationship with Christ, and falling even more in love with Him...
Even in the short span of one year, perspectives change. I have been realizing lately how important savoring each moment really is, how important people are and also how important it is to love them. I have mostly been, over this past year, coming to a greater realization of how great God is and how important it is to truly, genuinely love Him, spend time with Him, get to know Him, trust Him, and follow Him. Even this week, I have felt a deepening in my relationship with Him, through reading His word and talking to Him about everything, and it is inexpressible how much peace and joy I feel.

I know even right now there are struggles in my life - from guilt and temptations to surrendering to God my frustration with all the unknowns regarding school, work, and the future - and there always will be struggles. There will be hardship, sadness, and loss. But I am so thankful that there is "peace that passeth understanding" and "joy inexpressible and full" that transcend circumstances. My God is just that awesome!

I love the song that one of my friends sang in church this past Sunday, called "When I Think About the Lord," the chorus of which is so beautifully relevant:
It makes me wanna shout,
"Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus!"
LORD, you're worthy
of all the glory and all the honor
and all the praise.

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