I don't understand why it took signing up for classes for me to realize English-Writing was not what I wanted to be doing, and I don't recollect what apparently went (subconsciously?) through my mind that eventually led to that conclusion. All I know is, driving home last week after SAU registration day, I felt, once again, completely clueless about what I really wanted to study in college.

A futile-feeling perusal of offered majors, . . . prayers for guidance in uncertainty, . . . a major's brief description that seemed to suddenly leap off the page:
[This major] has more to do with the way images can be used than how to make them. Graphic design is part of this major, but the other part includes a solid communications foundation. This major is about putting images together in a way that will effectively communicate of sell, providing basic foundations for leadership roles in advertising and marketing.
. . . a tentative, wavering, see-how-it-sinks-in "decision", . . . a friend, during Sunday school, reciting verses from his favorite Proverb, that may as well have been God speaking directly to me:
Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways, acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
~ Proverbs 3:5-6
Sometimes God, through the Holy Spirit, speaks in our hearts very clear, irrefutable direction. But other times He guides our lives by giving us peace about decisions we have made "on our own" that mesh with His will for us. How thankful I have been these past few months for this quiet peace about "my" choices involving college. For many months, I have felt God's peace about my decision to attend SAU, and now, once again being reminded that He is all-powerful even in my doubting and fretting, I feel more than ever God's peace about my decision to change my major to Visual Communication.

The Visual Communication degree incorporates a Visual Literacy minor (art) - which has art classes, including graphic design (!) and photography - plus many Communication classes and a couple "support" type requirements, including Writing for the Media and Statistics :). In general, the requirements for this degree are so much more interesting and appealing.

At this point, a new graduation audit is being completed so that I can register (again!) for the upcoming school year. I am also compiling my art portfolio to be submitted for review, which will hopefully result in a few more introductory classes being waived.

I am excited about this new major, and I am also very thankful for the guidance of my Father through the peace He's given me about this decision. I am continually thankful for your prayers - whether or not you ever read this, thank you!

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