If we were older, someone might have called it a double date.

Last night I went to the movies with my sister and two older-of-the-three younger brothers. So there we went: myself, my creative-genius sister, my "camp boy", and my baseball-playing trumpeter. . . .I'd say we're a pretty handsome bunch.


I had called that afternoon and gotten showtimes. We arrived ten minutes before the movie was to start and were told that it had, in fact, started thirty minutes ago. News flash: Theater phone recording of showtimes incorrect. This detail is included because I think it's fairly uncommon. Actually, the phone recording was "updated" as I was calling in an attempt to find out when the movie was really playing.

About two hours later, the four of us returned to the theater and successfully watched our movie.

Storyline: lame would be an understatement.

Stunts: possibly the only redeeming aspect of the film, though, at times, monotonous.

Sensuality: refreshingly minimal.

Stars: maybe two.

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