On Friday, May 28, my sister, Micah (at left), graduated from high school. She has attended a Christian school this past year, and the ceremony was so nice. As one of the pastors who prayed during commencement reminded me, we - as Americans - are so incredibly blessed to live in a country whose men and women have died for the freedoms that make the USA great. . . freedom to pursue happiness, freedom to live out our Christianity - to have a Christian education, a graduation ceremony that does not prohibit mentioning God. As this is Memorial Day weekend, I thought this was an important and timely reminder, especially knowing how often I personally take this freedom (and freedom in general) for granted.

May we never forget those who have served and those who have given their lives for our country, and may we never take for granted those who are currently serving.

We owe life as we know it to these brave men and women.

Back to graduation.

As the fifteen graduates were charged to continue living their lives for the Lord, I could hardly believe that my little sister was one of them. . .finished with twelve years of education - some at home, some at a public charter school, one at ACS - with the highest GPA of the class. Congratulations to my li'l sis!

May you always strive to glorify God with all that you do, trust Him with all that you face, and love Him with all that you are.

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