We are all going to die, sooner or later (unless Christ returns). So why does it still "shock" us when young people, especially, but old people, too, die?

Today's message in church was on John 11, specifically Lazarus' death. It was a meaningful sermon, and here are just a few points that I think are so interesting/important/incredible:
  • Our response to death - shock - is evidence of our original glory, before sin: we were not created to die!
  • There is a higher purpose in death, and that is God's glory (He is shown merciful when believers reach Heaven, and He is shown just when unbelievers go to Hell). Yet, Christ has victory over death, and believers share in that victory!
  • God loves us more than we know; he is crazy about His kids!
  • God's ways are not our ways: our suffering and His love for us are not incompatible. We should not judge our circumstances as reflections of God's love, or lack thereof, - suffering, or "delayed" responses, are not the result of inadequate love - but instead we should view our circumstances in light of God's love and perfect will for our lives.
  • God knows the most intricate details of our lives, and He knows exactly what is going on, but He doesn't mind when we talk to Him about it.

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  1. Kelly - I have enjoyed reading your blog. No doubt you will be adding to it. Is there some way to get it to us automatically or
    will you let us know each time?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Sounds as though you are teaching your Jr. High Girls 'all the right stuff.' Love ya, Grandma