The very first installment . . .

Many years ago, I started noticing often ridiculous, sometimes exasperating details on product labels. Like the label on a fast food coffee cup that initially caught my attention as a pre-teen: Caution--contents may be hot. "What is America coming to," I wondered aloud, "that people need to be forewarned about something like the temperature of a hot beverage? What do they expect, cold coffee?" This, I believe, falls under the category of dumb labeling (or maybe more accurately, labeling for dumb people, as I realize the majority of these arise in response to lawsuits). In any case, similar labels (and there are many) have ever since been brought to my attention - along with the question, "What is America coming to?" There have been some really interesting ones over the years . . . I wish now that I would have recorded all of them.

I have decided, therefore, to start making a note of dumb labeling, either by writing it down or taking a picture. I have also decided to restate my question as "To what is America coming?" because 1) it was otherwise grammatically incorrect and an ironic case in point, and 2) it can be abbreviated to TWAC (which I like better than WACT).

What got me thinking about dumb labeling? I noticed this on a tortilla chip bag: "Unique taste and flavor". It is not really dumb; it just reminded me of TWAC. It did make me chuckle. First, aren't taste and flavor synonyms? (Hint: they are in the dictionary.) Second, who advertises their tortilla chip taste as "unique"? Hmm.

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